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Open Letter to PTCL - Desi Version

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Following is the email I have sent to it’s unplugged raw version so don’t mind about mistakes.

Since i have shifted to new house date you can check in your records that corresponds with address change I am facing dsl connection issues with line disturbance

I have tried all mediums to get some help for permanent solution but no luck that involves talking to agents, exchange staff, email to billing team and ptcl twitter account. Every time when situation reach to worst point where I could take no more they promise me some fix that can only work for 5 days at its best.

I have no of issues * charged for address change moths ago but not getting printed bill. Mention this to call center agent promised this will be fix but as you ptcl more then me you can guess the result.

  • Line is noisy and cause of data loss even when its no noise or less simple ping command can show you that. But the staff “Technical” staff mostly visit me don’t know about ping they just open a website and say see website work tor this vary instant its working we cant do anything else. Lineman also king of UAE I guess even ptcl staff don’t have power to call him when they require him. I am not joking one of ptcl dsl department guy told me once “sir mai call kar kar kai thak gia hoon usi kai liyeah app kai ghar kai bhair khara hoon aub app khud he lineman kai liyeah ptcl mai kisi ko bolyeah mai kuch nahi kar sakta”

  • Dsl stablity: speed is slow most of the time. Now a days if phone rings net disconnect, if someone pick receiver net disconnect, if you are talking on phone net disconnect.

  • Call center: every time same questions, same promises but no result. Yestday 24 jan 201 I talked to your agent between 9:00pm to 10:00pm. it was long a call and i wanted him to terminate my services but he said 24 hours time required and I am personally involved with your complaint. Today in morning when I get up from bed I check sms from ptcl saying my complaint no 93 has been closed yesterday around 10:00pm.

Filled with anger called your call center female agent again asking me whats the issue like there is no complaint history in front of her i ask for manage but that manager is not for common people of pakistan so after her promises that were not new she said talk to supervisor which I refused and asked her to transfer my call to billing department.

I do believe same person picked my call as billing representative and when i told her remove my dsl and phone line from billing she start doing same promises. When i explain the whole history to her then she said all the time I am facing issue with line or dsl that can be adjusted in billing. Imagine my surprise with my complaint history in which i have faced dead phone line for 15 days and I was never told of this thing by any call center agent. So this is one new problem I discover called “Theft”. Anyways she said before this day ends my problem will be fixed she will be taking this matter with her seniors, army cheif and prime minister of pakistan and i will not face this kind of issue again.

So based on above if you read all i wrote above after wasting 30 more minutes of life with PTCL tag on it kindly remove me from billing (land-line and dsl) if my issue is not fixed by day end.

I will pay the latest bill i have already printed and after that would not pay anything in case you are still keeping me in your billing records.