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Attended Bahria University Job Fair

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Bahria university hosted a job fair session on 19th April 2013 in which they invites companies from local industry. My company also participated in the event.

Myself and few other from our company spend whole day in the event looking for suitable events in .net, mobile development and social media positions.

All day long I have been interviewing and the answers given by students in 6th and final semesters were disappointing.

Common reason for such answers were:

  • teacher didn’t teach us good
  • course is not yet offered
  • what we have read we don’t remember at the moment
  • we are here for internship in 6 months you will teach us and than we will score good job in some other company. I don’t who told them we are here for schooling and companies will be teaching them for 6 months. Why universities are not teaching them?

After attending this I have been thinking about giving sessions to students in web development for following reasons:

  • Introduce them what industry expects form them as fresh devs.
  • Also motivate them to learn more and don’t rely on university.
  • Do small contributions in open source for learning.

In next post I will outlines topics for basic training if you are interested to contribute in this cause let me know. If you want to attend such sessions than you can contact me.

These sessions will be free and you can contribute in exercise files, topics and provide your valuable feedback.

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