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Playing With Octopress Blogging

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I first came to know about octopress from yayquery episode in which rebbeca murphy mentioned she has moved her blog form wordpress to octopress and she is very happy with that. At that time I didn’t paid any attention to this.

But today I suddenly started to play with it and I liked few things I learn along the way and that kept me going till I have imported all of my posts from wordpress to github pages.

I have read following pages form octopress documentation for configuration and blogging:

rake setup_github_pages

Next you need to do following two commands to generate site from octopress and upload it to github repo.

rake generate
rake deploy

I will have few things in mind to discover about octopress

  • q: how to customize the styles/layout?
  • q: how to make twitter work in sidebar?
  • q: how to make rake preview to work against current copy in master branch?
  • q: how to make it work against
  • q: how to get my comments against each post from discuss?

I will keep updating this post while discovering work around. I guess i will be ditching wordpress soon after finding all the answers.