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My PC Is Not Working

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I have spent so much money to build a dream PC for gaming and my web development work I was happy thought it was my investment and will recover it in future while working on it. But this never happened I worked on it successfully installed macOSX on it and then ubuntu using Virtualbox to setup my Node.JS environment but very time I need it most something bad happen. Always the worse part is not booting up and I never had any guesses where is the problem possible guesses always include ram, power supply, graphic card, processor or the Holy Motherboard in my case its always either MB or ram.

Now again when I want to use my PC its not working. Some parts are in warranty and some are not lets see what happens next as I am convincing myself to lift this more then 10kg of weight to carry to computer market for diagnosis.

Thats pretty much it. Thank you for still reading my blog.