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Msn Messenger Live

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I just got my hands on beta version of Microsoft msn messenger live (msn messenger 8.0 beta), what I found new is new look with new animated backgrounds and new icons now and some little fancy things that are related to just new look and feel of msn live. One of new features that I love most is you can chat while stay invisible to all of your buddies just like you can chat with yahoo messenger I enjoyed this new feature very much. Second feature is again adopted from yahoo that is offline messages. Third feature that I like is you can change nicknames of your buddies. Now another feature that is totally new for me and I think its introduced by msn is if you switch your ids it can remember your password and you don’t have to type your password again and again I always wanted this in prior versions and finally I get this in new msn live ï?Š. If anyone interested in getting to know more features provide by msn live can check official blog or website for msn live. Things I don’t like in msn live is ad banner they included wide adds in every window taking so much space of your desktop and they may take your valuable bandwidth so I decided to mod my sweet new msn live I just google around and and find a nifty tool allow me to have multiple instances of msn running and striping all the adds from my msn.

To get msn live really working you must have an invite first only then you can login through msn live I get 3 invites, one from and two invites from If you want msn invites just leave your name, email address and your asl if you have one ;) and I will send you invites as soon as I get them.

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Multi msn live