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Modify Firefox 1.5 to Work With All Extensions

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For all of those who just downloaded Firefox 1.5 and can’t get your extensions to work. This is a simple modification of Firefox’s configuration to trick the extensions to work. No need to manually edit the extensions to get them to work. Currently all the extensions I use work except the bookmark sync extension that I so dearly want to.

1. At the location bar, enter: about:config. This will show you a list of Firefox internal preferences.
2. Right-click on the list, select New > String
Enter “app.extensions.versionâ€? (without quotes) for the preference name.
3. Then, enter “1.0â€? (without quotes) as the value for app.extensions.version.
4. Restart Firefox 1.5, then enable those disabled Firefox extensions.
5. Restart Firefox 1.5 again to active the extensions. Done.