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Firefox 1.5 - Blazing Fast Back & Forth Page Caching

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1. Download and install the latest Firefox
* Linux
* MacOS X
* Windows
2. Run Firefox and type ‘about:config’ in the location bar.
3. Right-click on the main content area.
1. Select New
2. Select Integer
4. Enter the preference name ‘browser.sessionhistory.max_viewers’ and click OK.
5. Enter ‘5’ and click OK.
6. Shutdown and restart Firefox.
7. Take the feature for a test drive!
1. View a large web page with lots of elements, like or mozillaZine feedHouse.
2. Next, go to another page, like Slashdot.
3. Click Firefox’s Back button. If the preference is properly enabled, the previous page should appear instantly.
4. Click the Forward button to see it work again with Slashdot.